Britten-Norman’s BN2T Islander aircraft has been validated by Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and granted its Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) as an approved type for operations in Canada.

The Islander is often referred to as ‘the Land Rover of the Air, thanks to its robustness and usefulness as a multi-role, high frequency, short-haul platform.

The UK aircraft manufacturer is looking to expand its presence on the North American continent, with the parallel process of gaining FAA approval for the BN2T-4S Defender – the militarised version of the Islander.

Business Development Manager, Lara Harrison, said, “We have generated a great deal of interest in our piston and turboprop variants of the Islander in Canada in the last 18 months.

“The Islander already serves in a variety of interesting roles in the wider region and is viewed by many as the backbone of operations into remote strips in areas from Alaska through to the Yukon and as far east as Quebec to Labrador.

“Canadian certification of our more powerful Turbine Islander will give operators the option of benefiting from the Islander’s characteristic rugged reliability with the added benefit of an increased payload.”

The original piston-based BN2B Islander variant has been approved for use in Canada for some time.

The newly-approved BN2T Islander is powered by two 320shp Rolls-Royce B17 turboprops with Hartzell 3-blade propellers and features a number of enhancements including low drag fairings, updated interior with ergonomically designed, leather club seating options and a state-of-the-art cockpit centred around the Garmin G600TXi family of avionics.

Other standard options include enlarged baggage bay door and a sliding door to the main cabin which may be opened in flight.

Britten-Norman Islander
Special mission Islander developed for Romania’s INCAS

Britten-Norman has also signed a new contract to upgrade the avionics on the first of a fleet of BN2 Islanders engaged in special operations. The aircraft are owned and operated by ‘INCAS’, the National Institute for Aerospace Research ‘Elie Carfoli’ in Romania.

Britten Norman China
Britten-Norman Chief Executive William Hynett shakes on the new deal with China’s Beijing Fangyuan General Aviation

Britten-Norman, the aircraft manufacturer, has also signed a contract with a major Beijing-based aviation business to bring its Islander Aircraft to the Chinese market. The sales agreement, with Beijing Fangyuan General Aviation Co. Ltd, will see the Islander promoted and sold to typically small, regional local airlines with a need for a portfolio of aircraft types to meet their short-haul, high-frequency demands.



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