Rockwell Collins has announced that the Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system will be available as an upgrade for Cessna Citation CJ1+ and CJ2+ light business jets manufactured by Textron Aviation.

Owners will now have a new aftermarket option for taking advantage of NextGen airspace enhancements while adding the many other benefits of Pro Line Fusion.

This avionics upgrade, which is expecting FAA certification by the end of 2019, is already certified and available for Citation CJ3 aircraft. Currently, there are 30 CJ3 business jets in service with Pro Line Fusion, and another 10 awaiting the installation.

“The CJ3 Fusion upgrade has been very popular and we’ve received considerable feedback from CJ1+ and CJ2+ operators that they are eagerly waiting their turn,” said Christophe Blanc, vice president and general manager, Business and Regional Systems for Rockwell Collins.

“Treating the CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3 as one Pro Line Fusion product family allows us to pool our resources, ensuring continued strong investment and product support for years to come.”

Cessna Citation CJ2

Early installation of the CJ1+/CJ2+ Pro Line Fusion upgrade will be available at Textron Aviation-owned service centers following FAA certification.

Features designed to improve situational awareness and reduce pilot workload with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion upgrade for CJ1+ and CJ2+ owners include:

The ability to operate in modernising global airspace with localiser performance, including vertical guidance (LPV) approaches, radius-to-fix (RF) legs, as well as additional options for ADS-B mandate compliance and SBAS capable GNSS

Standard market-leading high-resolution synthetic vision, including Rockwell Collins’ patented airport dome feature, and extended runway centrelines

Three touchscreen 14.1-inch widescreen LCDs with advanced graphics, configurable windows, and eyes-forward, point-and-click navigation

Touch-interactive maps with high-resolution topography, weather, and obstacles plus geo-referenced electronic charts displaying own-aircraft position

Rockwell Collins patented ChartLink, which automatically stages relevant charts per the flight plan.

Rockwell Collins


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